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{ aveda sensory rituals }

Your visit will include one of the following complimentary Aveda Sensory Rituals:

Aveda Sensory Journey

Go on a sensory adventure as Aveda guides you through our exclusive collection of Pure-Fume flower and plant essences. You'll discover mood-lifting aromas that bestow a profound sense of well-being. And a deep connection to nature.

Stress-relieving Scalp and Shoulders Ritual

Enjoy a calming wellness experience for neck and shoulders - using the power of touch to relax, balance, release tension.

Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual

Dual sensations - touch and aroma - further comfort and release cares. A rejuvenating treatment for hard working hands.

Face Color Finishing Touch

A three-to-five minute face or color touch-up teaches you new makeup options.

Skin Care Ritual

Experience customized skin care as an Aveda Advisor recommends the perfect products for your skin's health and well-being.

Hair Styling Ritual

Your hair care needs can change seasonally, with a new hair style or a new life style. Let an Aveda Advisor guide you to the ideal shampoo, conditioner and styling products to fit your life today.

Pure-Fume Application

An application of a Pure-Fume aroma completes a wonderfully holistic experience.

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